Barriers to Accessing Vaccination

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3 December 2020: Status Now Network notes that concurrent discussion about vaccines becoming available on the NHS does nothing to address any of the structural, institutional and systemic barriers to access to health for people who are undocumented and those in legal process.

Since Covid19 emerged, Status Now 4 All has been organising around our call for Indefinite Leave to Remain to ensure equity[1] of access to healthcare, housing and food.  Now we join vaccines to that call, irrespective of whether someone wants or does not want any vaccine: everyone must have the right to equity of access to them.

When, through Status Now 4 All,  our population group – people who are undocumented and those in legal process – achieve equitable access to health services by being granted Indefinite Leave to Remain, becoming embraced within the State approach to vaccine distribution, that inclusion will be a vital component for overcoming public health inadequacies, ending the endangerment of people and, through legislation, mapping out the route to health and safety for all.

[1] WHO | Equity

See also our Status Now 4 All call of 28 December 2020 – “No one should fear accessing medical advice from our superb NHS due to an immigration reason.” :

Updated 16 February 2021: