Global Call Out for Actions – Support Regularization in Canada On/Around September 17, 2023

This came via signatories GWAD, and Payday Men’s Network:

Dear friends

Migrants’ movements in Canada are organising to demand regularization of undocumented migrants’ status on and around 17th September. Please find their call for action below.

Without immigration status, asylum seekers and other undocumented migrants are left destitute, deprived of basic rights, health care, decent housing and other resources. Women are particularly disadvantaged as the primary carers for children and other loved ones and live with the fear of their children being taken by the State.

We hope you can join in these actions that would strengthen migrants everywhere.

Global Women Against Deportations* and Payday men’s network

* GWAD includes: All African Women’s Group, Legal Action for Women, Women Against Rape and Women of Colour/Global Women’s Strike.:

Global Call Out for Actions – Support Regularization in Canada On/Around September 17, 2023

‘Half a million undocumented people in so-called Canada face exploitation at work, exclusion from basic services and live in daily fear of detention and deportation. Thousands are imprisoned each year, and separated from their communities. Undocumented people and an additional million and half migrant workers, students and refugees toil in the fields and factories, take care of children, sick and the elderly and face economic and racist violence.

Canada – itself a settler colony on Indigenous lands – imposes immigration rules that deny permanent residency to racialized, working class migrants. This only serves the interests of bosses and the ruling elite who clamour constantly for more and more exploitable workers.

Refusing to be silenced, migrant movements in the country are rising up and unifying under a single call: Status for All. Regularize Everyone! No exclusions, no exceptions. End detentions and deportations.

The mobilization has already started to pay off – in 2021, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau finally mandated the immigration minister to move forward on regularization. Victory is within reach, but it has not yet been won and now Canada is heading into elections – as early as next spring.

We raise our call in solidarity with struggles against imperialist wars, climate catastrophe, capitalist impoverishment and social strife that force people to migrate in the first place. We are united in our belief that the downtrodden peoples of our world must be free to move, free to return to home, and free to stay wherever they choose.

On Sunday, September 17, 2023 – migrants, including undocumented people, migrant workers, students and refugees – will take to the streets in 15 cities in 9 provinces in Canada.

We call on comrades, supporters and friends in every country around the world to organize actions at Canadian embassies, and in any other public spaces in solidarity with migrant struggles in Canada. Show up with one friend or many, and hold up signs in support of Status For All. Share your photos with and on social media using #StatusForAll.

We are also asking comrades to write to the relevant authorities in Canada to move forward on regularization. Template letter here.

You can let us know about your action by registering it at (not required).

One world. One struggle. Together. Onwards.