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2 November 2020 Guardian: Lone child migrants cannot be put in adult hotels, high court rules

More under-18s seeking asylum likely to be affected by ruling against Hillingdon council

The high court has ruled that unaccompanied child migrants cannot be placed in adult hotel accommodation after three young asylum seekers won the right to be placed in the care of social services in the first case of its kind.

The three, who cannot be identified, say they are 17 years old. They arrived in the UK in July and August 2020.

Hillingdon council in west London has accepted that an age assessment for all three is required. However, while current rules state that asylum seekers who have such assessments must be treated as children, the council argued that they should be placed in a hotel along with more than 400 adult asylum seekers. [Read more … ]

30 October 2020: Independent: Home Office decision to evict asylum seekers in tier 3 areas ‘unreasonable’, says judge

Local councils call on Home Office to halt evictions as court rules they could breach the law

May BulmanSocial Affairs Correspondent@maybulman5 days ago

The Home Office’s decision to evict refused asylum seekers from emergency accommodation in areas under tier 3 coronavirus restrictions is “unreasonable” and could place communities at harm in breach of the law, a judge has ruled.

People who have been refused asylum in the UK started receiving notice to leave their state-funded housing last month, after ministers announced that a ban on evictions introduced in March would be lifted.

Asylum seekers in tier 3 areas are among those who have been served eviction notice, despite criteria set out by the Home Office stating that people should not be evicted if they are in local authorities subject to regional lockdowns. [Read more: ]