Shoulder to shoulder – everywhere – until deportations stop and statusnow4all starts

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This Network stands shoulder to shoulder with all those committed to ending the Home Office’s plans to deport anyone, to any country.

Like many other big businesses whose profits have increased during COVID, the travel company contracted by the Home Office to operate several of this summer’s flights, TUI, is making a killing – in more ways than one (See Corporate Watch’s depth analysis on TUI published in January of this year).

When signatory organisation Southeast and East Asian Centre (SEEAC) alerted us in April to a flight that targeted people from Vietnam, it was just days after the Home Office had been exposed – yet again – for breaching its own deportation rules.

Government attempts to justify their actions as a way of removing ‘criminals’, is both a fallacy and racist: we are reminded of the profound problems with policing, so thoroughly exposed through the Black Lives Matter Movement during 2020-21, the socioeconomic and cultural inequalities that become instrumental in people ending up before, and convicted by, the courts, lack of robust legal aid to enable people to defend themselves and, for those who have completed their prison sentences that have been delivered through that other arm of the Home Office, the criminal justice system, deportation is a double punishment.

We are also reminded of the impacts of the immigration system on UK families, including British children, as referenced in two reports launched through BID in June 2021.

Please click on this link for ways in which you can get involved. Please let us know – email – about your demonstrations, petitions, suggested letters to MPs etc. that we can share, with a weblink, and we will add it to the list on this post.

If you are organising a Status Now Signatory led demo, on whatever scale, we will include that in the list and include a phone number or some other way that those interested in the locality can contact to find out more. Please keep an eye for updates. Solidarity.