Status Now Summit: One Year On

One Year On – now what? Status Now Network Summit

Saturday 27 March 2021 2-4 pm, online

#SN4AllSummit #StatusNow4All

The Youtube video of the event is on our Channel:

On 27 March, the Status Now Network will be marked its first anniversary. Over the past year, the world has gone through huge upheaval – and people who are already vulnerable have been suffering.

No one knows how many undocumented people there are in the UK and Ireland, but estimates reach as high as 1.5 million. These people still do not have equal access to food, housing, healthcare and, now, vaccines.

We spoke together about why leaving the most vulnerable members of our society behind could mean we will never overcome COVID19 – and why we are therefore calling for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

We heard from a wide range of people, including people who are undocumented and going through the most challenging experiences. Alongside them we listened to The Rt Revd Dr John Perumbalath, Bishop of Bradwell, Chair of Churches Refugee Network for Britain and Ireland; Councillor Danny Myers, Deputy Mayor of Leicester, the first Local Authority to stand with StatusNow4All; Chris Stephens, the SNP MP for Glasgow South West, from the city where, last August, Mercy Baguma was found dead with her son in his cot beside her; Claudia Webbe, MP for Leicester East who tabled EDM 658 and 1442; and others.

Hear what has been happening to undocumented people over the past year – and how and why COVID19 has made it worse. Find out what our challenges are – and what our next steps should be. Understand why we are calling for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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This Open Letter(2) to the Prime Minister of the UK and the Taoiseach of Ireland has been sent in advance of our Summit:

This Faith Calling Card was launched at the Summit:

During the event, Aisha was seen on video with her back to the camera, and we also heard her baby. This is what she said:

“Hello everyone. My name is Aisha, I am from Sierra Leone a country in the west coast of Africa with a population of 7.8 million people.
It is with humility and a great sense of responsibility that I make this video about the challenges and experiences I face as a mother and undocumented.
As a mother and undocumented during the pandemic there was no medical facility for me and my son.
I can still remember there was a day my son was seriously sick, due to my immigration status I was afraid to take him to the hospital because I was afraid that the GP will inform the home office about my status.
And also again my challenge which I face no shelter, no means of getting food for me and my son.  I am homeless I don’t have place to sleep, not until one day a Good Samaritan met me on the road when I explained my situation she feels sorry for me and my baby and she take us to her house. She lodged me and the baby in the living room where I also sleep with my baby.
The only food this Good Samaritan can provide is the one which me and her can eat, my baby boy can’t eat this food because he is nine months (9) old.  My son suffered a lot in this land. I can’t imagine that my life would go through suffering, it was really hard for me and the baby. I cried out every day, this situation had put me in a pain, depression, and frustration.

I am pleading to the Government to see our situation and give us status.

I thank you all.”

The song we heard is here: Lift Me High

This song was inspired by the stories told by Stella, an undocumented 59 years old woman from Nigeria

  • Lyrics: Peter Kalu
  • Melody: Naomi Kalu
  • Guitar and Mix by James Veezr
  • Singer: Yemi Bolatiwa
  • Producer: Fereshteh Mozaffari

We Will Not Be Silenced – a poem by Loraine Masiya Mponela: she read this poem during the Summit, You can read the words and hear her again on this link: