Undocumented women are stuck in domestic violent relationships because mainstream support is not available to them.

Please watch.

In our open letter of 27 March to the Prime Minister in which we are asking the Government to give Leave to Remain to everyone so they can access support just like everyone else, we write:

 “People who are destitute and/or undocumented and living in the shadows fear what will happen to them if they identify themselves, cannot access healthcare, emergency shelter and food, nor report or seek protection from domestic violence, rape, exploitation and other abuses – levels of which are already rising.”

Please read our letter and sign our petition here https://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-boris-johnson-and-an-taoiseach-leo-varadkar-access-to-healthcare-housing-and-food-for-all

In the video, you will hear our call echoed by domestic violence campaigner Mavis Mundirwa of Power of the Mind (http://powerofthemindnetworks.org/), speaking about this during a domestic awareness conference on 31 October 2020  organized by Community Integration Hub.