We Belong: Mental Health check

The young migrant folk at We Belong recently published this report that looks at mental health and the precariousness of growing up on LLR:

“We Belong’s Mental Health Check is not an easy read – but it is an essential one. It is a clarion call for change. Our report catalogues the terrible toll that the immigration system in general – and the 10-year Limited Leave to Remain route in particular – is taking on young people’s mental and physical health.

Our country cannot afford to go on like this: too many young lives are being damaged and distorted; too much harm is being inflicted; too much ambition and talent is being hobbled – or even extinguished.

Here, we repeat the call of our 2019 report, ‘Normality is a Luxury: How Limited Leave to Remain is blighting young lives’, for a shorter, more affordable and humane path to citizenship for those of us who are proud to call the UK our home (see page 30-31)”

“We asked our interviewees:
If the Home Office were an animal, what animal would it be and why?

One person:
“The Home Office would be a meerkat because meerkats are always poking out of holes and wanting to know all your business. They are perceived as cute animals, which parallels the Home Office being seen by some people as acting in the interests of the country, trying to promote British values. But, in fact, meerkats are savage, and deceptively aggressive.”