Claudia Webbe: I stand in full solidarity with all those exercising their legal right to claim asylum

25 August 2020: “The attacks on asylum seekers at the Bromsgrove Hotel are disgraceful, and I stand in full solidarity with all those who are exercising their legal right to claim asylum.

“Britain First and other hate groups represent the very worst of our country. They must be not be given any platform to legitimise their vile anti-migrant discourse.

“It is ludicrous to suggest that a small number of vulnerable migrants pose a threat to our security, economy or social life. Asylum seekers do not arrive in the UK to leech off the state – Asylum Support Allowance is a mere £37.75 per week. It is also far from the case that the UK is overwhelmed with asylum seekers, with Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece and France registering far more asylum applicants.

“The right for different communities and cultures to live side by side has been fought for by generations of struggle. It is up to all of us today who oppose racism to continue this fight against all forms of hatred and bigotry.”

Claudia Webbe MP

Member of Parliament for Leicester East

End the destructive demonisation of migrants and asylum-seekers

As socialists and anti-racists, we cannot let this government off the hook as it seeks to scapegoat the vulnerable to distract from its own failures, says CLAUDIA WEBBE MP

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