Comms and social media volunteer(s) 

Status Now 4 All Network: Comms and social media volunteer(s) 

Status Now 4 All Network (Status Now) came into existence in the spring of 2020 as an initiative of migrant and refugee justice campaigns in the UK.  Over 130 organisations have endorsed the Network’s demand on the government to grant a secure right of residence to the estimated 1.5 million people currently living with a precarious immigration status and who are at constant risk of exploitation and loss of rights as a consequence.

Status Now is campaigning for change and it works for this by giving voice to people in the migrant and refugee communities whose situation needs to be better understood by the British public. When the extent of the injustices which migrants and refugees currently have to endure is understood across all people we believe we will have the momentum needed to achieve our key demand: Status Now for All!

To develop and strengthen our campaigning work we are now actively recruiting volunteers for our team of communications and social media activists. We are looking for people with lived experience of the immigration control system who will work with us as bloggers in Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

Here’s what will be done with this campaigning work:

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StatusNow4All newsletter July 2022

Welcome to this edition of SNN Newsletter!
We are covering a number of items in this issue that will be of interest to everyone involved in migrant and refugee solidarity work.

First up is the report on our campaign for better asylum seeker accommodation. Our SNN colleagues in the North West are particularly active in this area and after a first online event during Refugee Week are now planning new initiatives to fight for better provision of safe and decent homes for people in the asylum system.

The second article is dedicated to the campaign “Our place is here” developed by Kanlungan together with other organizations in defense of the rights of domestic workers.

The third item reports on the SNN event organised during Refugee Week which assembled a roundtable of activists to discuss where we have got to with the campaign against the hostile environment and the steps that need to be taken for this to go forward.  The key idea is the project underway to organise a People’s Tribunal on Migration Justice over the course of the next 12 months which will draw on the evidence of violation of the rights of migrant people to indict Government policies and help forge the sort of alliances we will need to bring about change.

The appalling news about the deaths of at least 37 people at the border between the Spanish enclave of Melilla and Morocco is the subject of our fourth feature. In response to this massacre at the hands of the Spanish civil guard and the Moroccan police authorities the Transnational Migrant Platform has launched an appeal for solidarity and action to force an inquiry into how the tragedy happened. 

Finally, our fifth article focuses on the important role assumed by the Union, particularly by the Public Services and Commercial Union (PCS), in the fight against the Rwanda offshore plan and stresses the need to fight all together for the rights of migrant and native workers in the UK.

In addition to these items we also have information on the call for a public demonstration outside the Royal Courts of Justice on 19 July to coincide with the opening of the judicial review hearing on the legality of the Home Office’s Rwanda refugee removal plan.  Do join us at this protest if you can. 
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Status Now campaign : EDM (Early Day Motion)1098

EDM #1098 Tabled by Claudia Webbe MP for Leicester East, on 21 March 2022

Motion text: That this House recognises the important campaigning work of the Status Now network on their two year anniversary; notes that there are currently an unknown number of persons in the UK who are not citizens and who do not at present have leave to remain in this country, who lack any entitlement to support from the state and are therefore entirely without funds to feed, clothe and house themselves and their families; considers it essential that the Government takes immediate action to ensure that Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom is granted to all such persons who are within the UK but are not citizens, irrespective of their nationality or immigration status, so that they can access healthcare, food, housing and other essential human rights; notes that asylum support allowance is a mere £39.63 per week which is a miserly and inadequate amount on which to be able to survive; laments the prohibition on asylum seekers being able to work while their claim is being processed, which leads to further impoverishment; welcomes the recent progress made in Ireland through the regularisation scheme for long-term undocumented people, launched in January 2022, which will offer an amnesty for 17,000 undocumented migrants; and calls on the Government to follow suit and ensure that all undocumented, destitute and migrant people in the legal process be granted status now, or indefinite leave to remain, to guarantee that every human being, irrespective of their nationality or citizenship can access the essentials to live.

We thank Claudia Webbe MP for her continuing support for the StatusNow4All campaign

Please ask your MP to sign this EDM. If they do not sign EDMs then you can ask them to talk with others about concerns raised above.

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Open Letter(2) to the Prime Minister of the UK and the Taoiseach of Ireland

StatusNow logo

25th March 2021 

Dear Sirs


On March 27th 2020 we called upon the British and Irish States to act immediately so that all undocumented, destitute and migrant people in the legal process in both the UK and Ireland are granted Status Now, as in Leave to Remain.  (Copy enclosed)

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The Status Now 4 All Calling Card for All Communities of Faith

StatusNow logo -  looks like a stamp in a passport
StatusNow logo

“Not having my status limits my joy, my happiness, nothing makes me excited. People take advantage.

I cannot even work. The pain is terrible. Terrible. People cry at night. There are suicides. 

In limbo, I cannot do anything I want to do, and I don’t know what is going to happen to me.

Locked down all the time, not just now. Let us have a chance.”

(Voices of people without status)

Who we are: The Status Now Network is a unique coalition of almost 130 organisations and community action groups, alongside individuals, who are campaigning for Status Now 4 All.  Our member organisations are listed on our website:

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Status Now 4 All – this is our call

StatusNow logo

27 March 2020 An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of the UK and the Taoiseach of Ireland

We call upon the British and Irish States to act immediately so that all undocumented, destitute and migrant people in the legal process in both the UK and Ireland are granted Status Now, as in *Indefinite Leave to Remain. In this way every human, irrespective of their nationality or citizenship can access healthcare, housing, food and the same sources of income from the State as everyone else.

[*The word ‘Indefinite’ was added to the call in our second letter, dated 27 March 2021:]

This is the letter in full below – we have not yet received an answer:

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Exporting people seeking asylum – Rwanda

There will be further protests about removals to Rwanda:

Care4Calais: #StopRwanda

Updated 12 August 2022: Demonstration on 10 September 2022 in London organised by The Congolese support Group, Apareco and others Congolese groups in the UK

Updated 30 July 2022: DEMONSTRATE! Monday 5 September 2022 9am to 5pm STOP RWANDA FLIGHTS! NO OFFSHORE DETENTION scrap the Nationality and Borders Act #Rwanda

Monday 5 September 9am to 5pm, Outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL

Join this urgent protest !! Now on 5 September due to postponement of court hearing date!! following the Care4Calais & PCS Union’s legal challenge, the case will go to court again for a hearing to decide whether the Rwanda policy itself is lawful.

The legal challenge, and the protests that have taken place late last month week were so important in stopping the horror of refugees being sent to Rwanda on the government’s first scheduled flight.

This demonstration is called jointly by the TUC, Care4Calais, Stand Up To Racism and supported by unions including PCS, Unison, Unite, NEU, GMB, CWU, FBU, NASUWT, ASLEF, UCU and BFAWU, as well as Refugee Council, Citizenship Coalition, Amnesty, StatusNow4All.

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Person holding a phone and the Migrant Help logo reading 'Migrant no Help'

As the government pushes ahead with ever more draconian punishment for people fleeing war, tyranny and persecution, many of us feel compelled to act. While there are countless incredible people working at a grassroots level to support refugees and people seeking asylum, it’s also a field ripe for exploitation. Donating your hard-earned cash to certain migrant charities might not reach the people you’d hoped to help. Even more concerning, your donations might actually enforce the government’s hostile environment policies.

This article looking at the charity Migrant Help, is the first in a series of reports examining the corporate interests behind organisations working with refugees and people seeking asylum. We interviewed people working with refugees who had frequent contact with the organisation. We found that:


Migration Health and Care

20th July 2022: Status Now Network meets PCS Union members from the Department of Health and Social Care in London

to discuss the impact of immigration policy on health and care provision in the UK.

Concerns about the use of army barracks, hotels, housing

This post is being updated with reports of atrocities around the army camp accommodation and hotels, and other Home Office housing

For information about Detention Centres – IRCs – Hassockfield/Derwentside please see here:

For information about off-shoring/exporting people seeking asylum/Rwanda please see here:

Updated 10 August 2022: Morning Star: Home office forced to drop plans to move asylum-seekers to RAF base

BEN WALLACE has declared that he has “withdrawn” permission for the Home Office to dump asylum-seekers at a disused RAF base in North Yorkshire.

Plans to accommodate 1,500 men near the remote village of Linton on Ouse now look to be dead in the water after the Defence Secretary told reporters in Huddersfield today that he had told the Home Office “months ago” that the RAF base was no longer available.

“I have obligations to do something else with that site, and you know there are other sites we made available to the Home Office if it wishes to take it up,” he said.

The decision marks another blow to Home Secretary Priti Patel’s plans to expand the use of ex-military barracks to accommodate asylum-seekers.

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EU Borders and beyond

Updated 31 July 2022: Spiegel International: Classified Report Reveals Full Extent of Frontex Scandal

The EU’s anti-fraud office has found that the European border agency covered up and helped to finance illegal pushbacks of asylum-seekers in Greece. The report, which DER SPIEGEL has obtained, puts pressure on the EU Commission – and could also spell trouble for Frontex’s new leadership.

The contents of the investigative report from OLAF, the European Union’s anti-fraud agency, are classified. Members of the European Parliament are only granted access under strict security measures, and normal citizens are not allowed to see it. But Margaritis Schinas, the vice president of the European Commission, who is responsible, among other things, for migration, is allowed to. And perhaps he ought to do so as well. At the end of the day, it relates to a sensitive issue that also happens to fall within his area of responsibility.ANZEIGE

Investigators have taken 129 pages to document the involvement of Frontex, the EU’s border agency, in the illegal activities of the Greek Coast Guard. Border guards systematically dump asylum-seekers adrift at sea  in the Aegean – either in rickety boats or on inflatable life rafts. 

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Open letter to the Heads of Commonwealth countries:

25 July 2022: Welcome to Birmingham 22

The Commonwealth Games welcomes you to Birmingham 22 – but the Government with its ‘hostile environment’, its laws and Immigration Rules prevents your citizens from staying

The 2022 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XXII Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Birmingham 2022, is an international multi-sport event for members of the Commonwealth to be held in Birmingham between 28 July – 8 August 2022.

People from over 30 countries are coming to compete.

In UK your citizens are welcome as athletes, administrators, trainers and supporters.  However, many people who have lived here for decades have been subject to deportation orders. Others live a precarious existence. We ask all Commonwealth Heads to support our call for equal rights and grant indefinite leave to remain for all Commonwealth Citizens irrespective of the status of your nation. We also request an end to deportations.

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Reckless ‘Nationality & Borders’ legislation

We continue to campaign for those who have precarious status to be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain and for there to be discussions about how to move forward with the banners of #StatusNow4All and #HealthAndSafety4All.

When the will is there, it can be done – that is our point:  there is hope yet … We will collate reports and legal challenges here.

Updated 25 July 2022: Policy paper: New Plan for Immigration: legal migration and border control strategy

This strategy statement sets out our ambition for transformational change for everyone using our systems and crossing the UK border.

The document confirming the continuation of this hostile environment is here:

Read more:

see also: Morning Star: The government’s new plan for immigration must be rejected

TONY CONWAY condemns a new statement on immigration rules that only worsens the situation for migrants and ignores mounting public criticism

A HOME OFFICE document presented to the Commons in July makes some bold claims and further restricts rights of movement into Britain in a way that could impact many citizens.

This plan is in fact nothing new, it just reaffirms Britain’s restrictive policies. It ignores the failings highlighted by the Williams report into the Windrush affair and it fails to respond to the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration’s report into small boat crossings in the Channel.

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ICIBI Inspection Plan 2022-23

Updated 23 July 2022: ICIBI: Inspection Report Published: An inspection of the initial processing of migrants arriving via small boats at Tug Haven and Western Jet Foil December 2021 – January 2022 #ICIBI

The inspection focused on protecting the border through security checks, and the identification and safeguarding of vulnerable people.

Three years into the small boats crisis, the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has found the Home Office response is both ineffective and inefficient, exposing gaps in security procedures and leaving vulnerable migrants at risk.

In 2021, 28,526 people arrived on the south coast in small boats, according to Home Office statistics – a significant increase from 236 in 2018.

An inspection of the Tug Haven processing facilities, which have since closed, along with those at Western Jet Foil, both in Dover, found the Home Office’s response to the challenge of increasing numbers of migrants was poor, particularly in terms of systems, processes, resources, data collection and accurate record keeping. A new processing centre for migrants opened in January 2022 at a former Ministry of Defence site at Manston, also in Kent, and further facilities are also due to open later this year at Western Jet Foil.

David Neal, the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI), said:

These migrants crossed the Channel in dire circumstances. Many were vulnerable and at risk, including children and women on their own, and when they arrived in Dover the way they were dealt with was unacceptable. This is because the Home Office has failed over the past three years to move from a crisis response to having better systems and procedures in place and treating this as business as usual.

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‘Independent’ review of Border Force

Note: At a time when the Home Secretary, Priti Patel has been stalling to publish a report by the Government’s own ICIBI David Neal, she had sought an ‘independent review’ that would fully support the intensification of this hostile environment. #ICIBI

20 July 2022: Independent review of Border Force by Alexander Downer, commissioned by The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department.

Alexander Downing’s report is here – note the language he uses, and his recommendations that will intensify the hostile environment, for example:

10.3 Third country processing should be fully implemented People that have entered the UK should be moved to a third country rapidly for assessment under the UN Convention and other relevant legislation. The rapid movement of people that have entered the UK illegally to a third country reduces the risk of the removal process being frustrated. The eligibility for removal should embrace all cohorts of people who enter the UK illegally.

The lessons from Australia’s experience on this issue suggest that the pace with which people are moved, along with avoiding a running commentary on numbers, is useful in achieving success. The discussion of numbers at various stages of operational implementation will potentially look like the odds are still in favour of attempting dangerous, illegal migration journeys and the deterrent effect is lost.

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There will never be another Mo Farah

18 July 2022: Open Democracy: There will never be another Mo Farah

As terrible as these revelations are, what’s more shocking is that he’d never receive that level of compassion today Francesca Humi

Last Wednesday, Mo Farah revealed in a new BBC documentary that he had not come to the UK as a refugee. He had, in fact, been trafficked to the UK to be a domestic worker when he was a child.

In his heart-breaking testimony, he describes being forced to cook, clean, and care for the children of his employers. He explains how he confided in his PE teacher at school, who then referred him to social services. The documentary shows that Farah’s school repeatedly petitioned the Home Office to grant him British citizenship, so that he could represent Great Britain in international running competitions. And in a particularly powerful segment, he is advised about the potential legal repercussions of sharing his true identity and story. Even now, he learns, the Home Office could revoke his citizenship if it wanted to.

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Our Place is Here – campaign for the rights of Domestic Workers

“Our place is here”, a campaign for the rights of domestic workers by Status Now Signatory Kanlungan
Since the official launch of the hostile environment policy in 2012, domestic workers were stripped of their rights to switch employers and apply for extension of stay and settlement. With the change to the Overseas Domestic Workers (ODW) visa introduced in that year, stays are limited to six months and migrant domestic workers have become tied to individual employers as sponsors. They are denied the freedom to switch employer even in cases where a worker is a victim of modern-day slavery or human trafficking. The impact of this change on the life of dozens of thousands people has been devastating. A  survey conducted in 2019 by the Voice of Domestic Workers found that 77% of migrant domestic workers experienced physical, verbal or sexual abuse; 51% reported that they were not given enough food; 61% were not given their own space in employers’ houses.

To mark a decade since the Government revoked the rights of domestic workers, Kanlungan — a signatory of SNN — has started a new partnership with FDWA-UK (Filipino Domestic Workers’Association)Kalayaan, and The Voice of Domestic Workers to campaign for the rights of migrant domestic workers in the UK.  Together, we have developed our campaign ‘Our Place Is Here’ centred on advocating for migrant domestic workers’ belonging to the UK and their right to work and live here. We are joining together to call for the government to restore the rights of domestic workers.
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