Updated 17 September 2021: Moses and Daisy invite you to join the walk: ‘It’s on, this Saturday the 18th!, another 24 mile walk in Pickering, let’s show support and zeal in stopping these deportations flights.’

“Together we stand very strong. The deportations will surely end, cracks are beginning to show up within the inner court of the Government. STOP DEPORTATIONS once and for all for the better of the country. Come to all to Pickering. Lets do the walk in our big numbers until victory is final…Alutta continua….!”

[ZHRO@ZHRO_Zimbabwe https://hansard.parliament.uk/Lords/2021-07-22/debates/5A3C065C-6638-46A1-B4D5-727466583109/ZimbabweHumanRights… Lord Chidgey (LD) “My Lords, to come back to the assessment of the situation and consultation before decision to deport, in April, the US State Secretary, Antony J Blinken, assessed Zimbabwe as one of the worst countries abusing citizens’ rights]

We all need to meet up in the Eastgate Car Park – YO18 7AS
Aim to be there for 9:00AM Saturday 18th September.
It’s a short walk into Pickering Town where we will start
There is a very short return walk at the 1 mile marker – to return past Pickering Castle.
There is a second “return point at 7.5 miles (15 mile return)
Both will need the mapping software to guide you back to Pickering.
For those who want to “support” in their car we have 3 meeting
1) Lockton Village at 8.38miles
2) Hole of Hockum Viewpoint car park at 12.86miles (half way)
3) And the Fox and Rabbit pub on the return home at 18.5miles

Post Codes (approximate)
1) Lockton Church YO18 7PY
2) Hole of Horcum YO18 7NR
3) Fox and Rabbit YO18 7NQ
Approx driving times all from East Gate Car Park
1) Lockton Church – 10 minutes drive approx 2.5 hours walking
2) Hole of Horcum – 15 minutes drive – 4 hours approx
3) Fox and Rabbit Pub 7 minute from East Gate or 8 minute from the Hole of Horcum (
returning back to Pickering.
Approx walking time 6-7 hours

Updated 2 September 2021: Update from Moses: I was at the Zimbabwe Embassy with my son and we sat on the door entrance. These idiots tried to come out of the embassy but I refused unless they speak to me. They threatened to break my banner but I warned them of the serious consequences so they stood there. The old man said why didn’t I have a face mask but I said he was a gross hypocrite, that people are dying like locusts in Zimbabwe while he tries some stupid health lectures in England. I told them they are murderers who survive drinking Zimbabwean peoples blood. I chanted change will finally come to Zimbabwe and they will all rot in jail.

Updated 25 August 2021: from Daisy: Myself, Moses and kids did this walk as a way of raising awareness of the chatter flights, our cause have actually been successful with up to 100,000 views on Zimeye, To us this is more than enough to get people on board for the government to listen 👂to our cry 😭

Updated 22 August 2021: Update from Daisy: ‘They did it’:

Walk for Freedom https://fb.watch/7xWHhHRYIC/

This is where they are at this morning. Well done Moses, even though you are not well you still went out and about to complete 110km walk Waw, am proud of you 👏 kudos to you and all the crew x

· On our last leg if the walk. It’s been hard going but not as hard as those whose Human rights we are fighting for.

Updated 21 August 2021: more news from this amazing family – Daisy writes:

Hello everyone, we are in Brighton today doing the 110km Walk for Freedom from Brighton to London, Big shout out to these little children of mine, 9 hrs in I am giving up and they are eager to go. Am amazed and feel so blessed to have them in my life honestly. The 11 year old is refusing to stop he wants to get to London. As I text he has disappeared with the group as am struggling to get up hills …

… and later: these kids have walked just over 38km today and I think it’s something to reckon with, the determination of them to have their father not deported. Not forgetting A. is only 11 years old and S. is 16, to say am proud it’s an understatement, am in tears as I write this because I am proud of them.

Updated 12 August 2021:“Let’s all, at once, enhance our fight against this despicable institutional racism and let’s advocate…”

Updates from newly released Moses and from Daisy:

Hello everyone, my name is Moses Cmbano.

I want to thank you guys out there for the wonderful support you gave me inside the detention centre. As you are aware that I left the detention centre on Tuesday to join with my lovely family here in Newcastle.

The torment that I endured during my time inside Colnbrook was unbearable: I was fed saltless and tasteless meals; I was locked up for the night at 20:30 and unlocked at 08:00 in the morning; I drank water from a tap that gave me a runny tummy; my body became so itchy that I was scratching my whole body; I thought I was going mad; I requested to see the doctors but it was refused; up to right now my throat is sore, my chest crackles and I feel this tiredness that I fall asleep the moment I sit down.

I felt like I wanted to smash the walls with my head. I was afraid I might suffer hallucinations. The entire period was like a road to hell. The ignorant and uncaring behaviour I was subjected to began to make me feel that I was no longer a human being. Life became meaningless to me. I was afraid my life was wasting away in the hands of reckless people in the pay of the Home Office and their security companies who are sub-contracted to dehumanise all detainees. My brain became shuttered by the events that took place inside the detention. My heart was sore, but you guys gave me the resilience: I remembered that I have a job to do, to fight against these inhumane behaviours that the home office is unleashing upon us.

My beautiful wife Daisy stood by me all along and you guys at STATUSNOW4ALL leveraged her and you all gave your all, in support of my release.
I do not have enough words to thank you people but the war against charter flights is not yet over. We stand for a good cause and together victory is certain. I left about six Zimbabweans still detained and I cried to leave them behind, knowing the torment that they are going through. Let’s all, at once, enhance our fight against this despicable institutional racism and lets advocate strongly to stop all these so called ‘charter flights’.
Yesterday, Thursday, I woke up early in the morning because I am used to being woken up that early. My wife prepared breakfast because we were preparing to go into our city, Newcastle, for the demonstration, but I said “No,” to food, l just want us to go and raise this awareness. We have the duty to fight against charter flights and we want immigration laws to be overhauled. Change is our slogan so, ladies and gentleman, I do not have enough words to thank you once again for your comradeship throughout my entire time in the detention. I want to thank all of you and please let’s keep up the fire burning…..

Daisy Writes… Our demonstration was supported by Northeast against Racism (Yunus and his beautiful wife Rachel). They brought their microphone and speaker which we were thankful for. We were also joined in the protest from the BAME society (Josephine Mudzingwa Siziba and her husband). Massive support from them, thank you 🙏. We had interest from different groups that approached us, requesting that for our next protest they would like to be informed, on time, so they can prepare to come along. This was really good. Towards the end of the protest we had lots of people standing around and asking questions. No one out there was aware of these deportations, so lots of folks were actually shocked about the charter flights and the expenditure that is involved. So Priti Patel, get ready we are coming for you with all that we have. If God is in our side who can be against us?

We are standing, STRONG IN SOLIDARITY 🤙🤙 from our success but, on the other hand there were several calls today about people that have been taken today when signing at the police station.

Updated 10 August 2021: Enabling Nurse Daisy will be at the Newcastle Monument within the city centre of Newcastle at 11am, Postcode: NE1 7AL, supported by https://www.northeastagainstracism.co.uk/

Updated 10 August 2021: We welcome the news that Moses’ application for bail yesterday was granted, and he is reuniting with his family.

Updated 8 August 2021: Message from Daisy’s Moses, from detention: “Tomorrow 09/08/2021 at 1200hrs is my immigration bail hearing via video link. I know I am nervous just like anyone in a situation like this. I want to thank all of you out there for the support and the kindness you have given to my family. You kept me energised in this battle and because of you we shall prevail.

My beautiful wife Daisy has done amazingly in rallying all the parties together to fight for this cause that benefits not only me but many people caught or trapped in a situation like mine. Let’s all together pray for STATUSNOW4ALL as there must be a change in in the immigration law in the UK. We have to stop the flights once and for all. So my comrades, let’s pray for tomorrow that it ends there. “

Our thoughts are with you Daisy, Moses and family.

We are also reminded of the impacts of the immigration system on UK families, including British children, as referenced in two reports launched through BID in June 2021: https://www.biduk.org/articles/845-reports-highlight-the-harms-faced-by-uk-families-threatened-with-a-family-member-s-deportation

New StatusNow statement: “Shoulder to shoulder – everywhere – until deportations stop and statusnow4all starts” https://statusnow4all.org/shoulder-to-shoulder-everywhere-until-deportations-stop-and-statusnow4all-starts/

Updated 4 August 2021: Hi all, Moses has been given a bail court date for Monday next week, praying for positive outcome.

Hallelujah glory to the all mighty God, we have seen Moses, he looks lean but hey he is alive, it was an emotional visit. Half of the visit was just tears. We were told no hugs and maintain social distancing when sitting. Try tell that to kids who haven’t seen their dad in a month and a wife who so dearly misses her other half. I couldn’t help but feel so empty and helpless as we left him behind. This is mental torment honestly. His face says it all, sense of feeling lost. Few medical concerns but all not bad.

Updated 3 August 2021: Update from Nurse Daisy: So this is the latest update, over the past week we been trying to arrange a visit to see Moses, which appeared to be a challenge.

At first Moses was informed only one person can visit per family even though their voice mail suggests otherwise. Moses was able to speak to the person in charge of visits and explained the situation of having 3 kids, the lady was happy to allow us to visit (verbal agreement). Which was good, the only challenge left was the scheduled times that detention holds on visiting times considering we will have to travel 6-8hours to get to London.

Fast forward to now, Moses has since been moved to long stay section – this has created yet another challenge as they have turned around to say visiting can only be booked via email, I have been sending emails to no response.

Now we have travelled all the way to London stuck at a train station with three kids. We been here since 6:30am, no where to go. Our plan was to visit Moses this morning check in a hotel at 13:00hrs, now we are frustrated that we might not even see Moses after the long journey. Also that we haven’t seen him for nearly a month now…#😡😡😡# sounfairtothekids, as they were looking forward to this visit.

Updated 22 July 2021: “The home office actions taken leading up to the forced removal of 14 people last night demonstrate the depth of contempt and indifference of it’s parliamentarily elected leaders towards both the concept and the practice of equal human rights. By the same token the solidarity and resilience that underpinned the actions taken to defend those rights offers hope. We will never give up until equal human rights are enjoyed by all.” Rhetta Moran, RAPAR

“Thank you Rhetta for all the support you have given and that you will continue to render, the past couple of weeks have been was a very sad and stressful day. The pain still remains of all the guys that went last night, I pray and hope that this will not happen to any family again. I can imagine how I would have coped without the support that I received, this has been an eye opener, I want thank you all for your unwavering support. This status will continue to be the driving force to help others out there. Your prayers that you gave relentlessly will continue to inspire and put a smile on others life as it has done to me. The battle is not over. People are still living in fear and we as a family here we have the responsibility. Prayer worriers continue to spread the love of God, your faith has made me stronger over this process. Surely God does miracles. Let’s keep firing the cylinders. Thank you all.

Enabling nurse Daisy will continue to remain open, working as a source of support for others” Daisy

STOP PRESS:– WE ARE WORKING WITH DAISY TO HELP HER TO STOP MOSES’ DEPORTATION  – if you can help us ENABLING NURSE DAISY please email info@statusnow4all.org OR TEXT a message to +44 7466 428635

Please also see our post here: https://statusnow4all.org/secret-deal-to-remove-zimbabweans-from-uk/

Updated 21 July 2021: ROHR ZIMBABWE@ROHRZimbabweorg: Mr Moses Chikwekwete Mbano is a family man with wife and 3 children and he has been in the UK since 2002. Moses is going to be deported today 21/07/202. We are calling upon the UK government not to separate families @IMdcuk @zapu @RefugeeAction @ChiOnwurah @rapar @ZHRO_Zimbabwe


“For the Home Office to feel the need to separate my family, who are working together to save lives, it’s an act of cruelty that makes no sense.”

Front Line Nurse, Daisy, mother of three, living in Newcastle, whose partner Moses is scheduled to be deported to Zimbabwe on 21st July

My name is Daisy Motlogwa.  I am a Nurse who lives in Newcastle with my partner Moses and our three surviving children aged 11 and 16 (twins). I met Moses in June 2009 when we were both asylum seekers with no leave to remain. At that time my twins from my previous relationship, a boy and a girl, were just about to turn four.   

Moses had fled Zimbabwe in January 2002 after suffering endless beatings and death threats at the hands of ZANU PF for supporting, and being a member of, the opposition MDC party.  He received his first refusal from the Home Office in 2009, but in July 2010 we were blessed with our first son together and, in the same month, I was granted Leave to Remain. Moses encouraged me to go back to education which I did.  In 2012 we had our second girl, Adiella.  She passed away in July 2013 July at 17 months old: the most painful moment.

As a family, we have strived to build a positive future for our children.   Moses has been denied to right to work or access to any State benefits in the UK but this has never stopped us from supporting each other so that our children may grow up in a safe environment.  Moses’ role in our family is massive. While I worked and completed my education, Moses took our children to school and picked them up, attending to all their needs as well as maintaining a stable lifestyle for all of us. Moses plays a massive part not only in our family but within the community of Newcastle: an active helper school for trips out, he is also a trusted Church Pastor in Newcastle.

I spent 6 years in education while he was taking care of the kids and, today, I am a qualified nurse, able to serve in the front line because of Moses’s dedication to our family and his community.  

On 10th April 2019, Moses went Middlesborough reporting centre. He had received a letter saying an appointment was made for a 12.45 interview to update his file at 12.45pm. Upon arrival he went through the security checks and before he could sit down, a female immigration officer in uniform demanded to take his photograph and then he was called into a room where an African man told him “It’s just updating”.  He refused to tell Moses what he wanted information for: his children’s names, his fathers’ names, where he went to school.  When he finished the interviewer put the form in a plastic folder together with the pictures taken earlier and then he said ‘No, the journey has been completed… I work for the Zimbabwean embassy and we are taking all asylum seekers back home but, as a tip get the lawyers very quickly, because you will go very soon. All failed asylum seekers – with or without children – it does not matter.’ He spoke using Moses home language (Shona). Moses couldn’t sleep when he came home.  Even though his family have the legal right to stay here in England. Moses imagined how terrible it would be to be taken back into a country with so much human rights abuses carried out by the Zimbabwean government and to not be able to put flowers and clean the resting place of his daughterr who died.  This event was reported and logged with our local MP, Chi Onwurah.

Because of Moses’ experience in the Reporting centre, I believe anyone returned to Zimbabwe will be in a massive danger.  As a front-line worker, I have been working throughout the pandemic over the past year. In early August 2020, when I caught COVID-19, it was a tough time: living with young kids in the house.  Moses made sure the children stayed safe and that I was well hydrated until I was well enough to return to work.

On 7th July 2021, our twin’s birthday, he went to his weekly sign as usual at the police station.  They phoned me to tell me that Moses had been detained.  No child should have to go through such trauma to be separated from their parents, for the benefit of what?  This action risks tearing us apart and destroying my children’s well-being: to see them cry themselves to sleep is the hardest thing that a mother can ever go through.  

For the Home Office to try to separate my family who are working together to save lives is an act of cruelty that makes no constructive sense and must be stopped.  Every family must be allowed to be the family they are.  As a health worker, I must be enabled to do my job to the best of my ability, not be confronted with this abuse and distress and trauma and expected to keep on working, keep on raising my children safety, while my man is threatened with this great danger.

MESSAGE FROM STATAUS NOW NETWORK – WE ARE WORKING WITH DAISY TO HELP HER TO STOP MOSES’ DEPORTATION  – if you can help us ENABLING NURSE DAISY please email info@statusnow4all.org OR TEXT a message to +44 7466 428635

See also: Secret deal to remove Zimbabweans from UK https://statusnow4all.org/secret-deal-to-remove-zimbabweans-from-uk/

Regularisation of undocumented migrants will save lives and livelihoods – 19 July 2021 protest https://statusnow4all.org/regularisation-of-undocumented-migrants-will-save-lives-and-livelihoods/