Sunak to give Rwanda £50m if deportation bill passed into law

Following the passing of the ‘safety of Rwanda’ Bill … and no ICIBI to oversee what is happening!

30 April: Guardian: Rwandan opposition leader voices doubts Kigali will stick to UK asylum deal

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza says her banning shows Rwandan government does not adhere to international law

A Rwandan opposition leader who has been banned from standing for election has cast doubt on whether her government will stick to the terms of the deportation deal agreed with Rishi Sunak.

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza told the Guardian that the Rwandan government’s refusal to allow her to stand or leave the country to see her ill husband showed that the government under Paul Kagame did not adhere to international law.

On Tuesday, she launched a claim in the east African court of justice, saying she should be allowed to oppose the president in July’s general election.

In the UK, Sunak has been building towards operationalising plans to forcibly remove UK asylum seekers to Rwanda.

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Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees – April 2024

8 April 2024: Crisis Watch: Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees – April 2024

Deteriorated Situations: Afghanistan / Pakistan / South China Sea / Venezuela / Haiti / Somalia / Bosnia And Herzegovina / Russia (Internal) / Israel/Palestine

Violence escalated in Haiti after the country’s two largest gang coalitions launched coordinated attacks across the capital Port-au-Prince to deter an international security mission from deploying. Gangs targeted critical sites, freed over 4,700 inmates and forced tens of thousands to flee.

Electoral authorities in Venezuela blocked the opposition coalition from registering their banned candidate María Corina Machado or her replacement, in an apparent bid to strengthen President Maduro’s hand in the lead-up to July elections. 

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