This is not Allaine

Allaine (not her real name) came to the UK, on a domestic worker visa in 2017. She looked after a 2 year old twin and 2 other children for a couple from Qatar. They had been badly abusing her both when they were in Quatar, and in the UK. They continued to beat her and verbally abuse her, and often only gave her left overs to eat. They also kept her passport from her.

One day she managed to escape her employers with the help of a neighbour, and she was referred to the National Referral Mechanism -NRM for trafficked people. Allaine was traumatised by the persistent physical and verbal abuse of her employers.

The NRM recognised her as a trafficked person but she still has no decision from the Home Office about her status.

She is currently working as a live-in nanny to two young children in a well off British family.

Allaine has 4 children of her own in the Philippines who she has not seen for three years, and elderly parents whom she supports.

Allaine’s mental health has suffered from the abuse she has experienced and is now exacerbated by worrying about the health of her family back home. She worries about her health and that of her children and family but she has to continue to work to be able to support them