Early Day Motion: Leave to Remain in UK

Coventry City of Peace and Reconciliation: It is estimated there are around 1 million undocumented workers living in the UK. Because of COVID-19, many of them are now unable to work and, because they are undocumented, they cannot claim government benefits. They are therefore going without food.

Moreover, because they often live in overcrowded conditions they are highly susceptible to COVID-19. Despite government assurances that the NHS does not carry out immigration checks in hospitals, many undocumented workers are nevertheless worried that seeking medical help will result in their being removed from the UK.

For more information see the BBC report Coronavirus: Undocumented workers an ‘invisible public health risk’.

CARAG therefore requests the people of Coventry to ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion EDM #658 – LEAVE TO REMAIN STATUS, the text of which is shown below. There is also the suggested text of a letter. [Read more …]