Glasgow: the impact of the pandemic on refugees and asylum seekers

BBC: Eòrpa Series 28: Episode 15

Angela Maclean reports on the effect of the pandemic on refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow. During the first lockdown many were moved into hotel accommodation for their safety and welfare but concerns emerged about the effect of this on their mental health. A year on many remain in hotels and further concerns have been raised about conditions in a new mother and baby unit in the city. The renewable energy industry has grown in Scotland over the years. But how can the Highlands and Islands harness the natural resources at their disposal to ensure they are part of the burgeoning industry? Eòrpa visits Orkney, a world-leader in tidal power; Nigg Yard, which is working between sectors; and Lewis, where community projects have proven to be effective.

The Times: Asylum seekers tell of ‘pressure cooker’ conditions

Pregnant asylum seekers and mothers with young infants are being kept in “pressure cooker” conditions, campaigners have claimed.

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