Racial Justice and Migrant Rights

27 September 2021: Here is the Motion submitted by Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party [CLP] to the Labour Party Conference taking place right now. The Motion did not make it onto the list for discussion because there were other issues that people prioritised. It is however heartening to see that our concern is shared in that forum and we encourage Party members to use the motion in their own CLPs, Trades Unions etc for discussion:

The Motion reads: Racial Justice and Migrant Rights

This CLP notes:

  • Structural racism exists.

This CLP believes:

  • The Labour Party must seek to dismantle structural racism and campaign for racial justice in the UK and around the world.
  • The more unequal a society, the greater the reliance on a carceral system.
  • Successive governments have exploited the labour of migrants while failing to acknowledge the contribution of migration to our economy, culture, and society.

This CLP resolves that the Labour Party must:

  • Campaign to repeal the hostile environment and no recourse to public funds, and for the end of deportations, immigration raids and the detention estate;
  • Guarantee safe routes for asylum seekers and rights to family reunion, work and social security;
  • Promote social justice and economic equality to tackle the causes of crime rather than increasing police powers within a criminal justice system that has been proven to be systemically racist;
  • Campaign against legislation at a national and local level that will criminalise Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities’ way of life;
  • Campaign against policies that marginalise Muslim and other racialised communities, working to scrap Prevent and racialised state surveillance;
  • Fight against antisemitism and work to educate members about antisemitic tropes;
  • Introduce an easy process for all UK residents to gain permanent residency with equal rights, including voting rights;
  • Reject immigration systems based on migrants’ incomes, savings or utility to employers;
  • Replace Settled Status with an automatic Right to Stay;
  • Support workers who refuse to implement deportations or Hostile Environment measures;
  • Commit to implementing these policies when in Government.