Report: Uniting Europe Against Islamophobia

Another Europe is Possible: Report: Uniting Europe Against Islamophobia

In a time of rising racism, this crucial report details practical strategies to empower Europe’s Muslim communities.

‘Uniting Europe Against Islamophobia’ is a pathbreaking report from a delegation of UK Muslim women activists and politicians to Cologne, Germany, that took place in May-June 2023 to discuss empowering the Muslim community and tackling Islamophobia and xenophobia across all our societies. The delegation was part of an ongoing collaborative partnership between Another Europe Is Possible and the German political education foundation, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

In an environment of escalating Islamophobia, antisemitism and racial and religious hatred, it’s important to tackle all forms of racism equally and to challenge different governments’ attempts to create hierarchies of racism pitting communities against each other. This is a continuous and permanent effort. This report is a small step forward towards addressing one of the most neglected types of discrimination in UK and European discourse: Islamophobia.

Last year, the largest number of reported religiously motivated hate crimes in the UK were against Muslims or people perceived to be Muslim. Almost 1 in 3 Muslims (30%) in Germany state that they have been physically assaulted several times in the past year, with 50% being physically assaulted at least once.

The report is a vital read for democrats and campaigners for social and political justice who want to challenge deep-rooted racial and religious inequality.

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