Status Now 4 All welcomes the defeat of the Government’s Rwanda Plan in the Supreme Court

19 November 2023: Status Now 4 All welcomes the defeat of the Government’s Rwanda Plan in the Supreme Court

Status Now 4 All joins all refugee and human rights organisations in welcoming the ruling of the Supreme Court that the Government’s so-called ‘Rwanda Plan’ (to remove virtually all people seeking asylum to Rwanda for ‘processing’ through the asylum system with, notably, no possibility of return to the UK) is unlawful.

It is important to note that the ruling was unanimous: five judges ruled the plan unlawful not only under the provisions of European human rights law, but also under domestic British law. Parliament must now also understand that the threat to renounce UK signatory state status to the European Convention on Human Rights, or to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998, will not fix the Rwanda plan in the way the UK Government intends, and both would bring about a significant risk to the human rights of everyone living in the UK and to the UK’s standing in international terms

We extend our deep gratitude to the legal team acting for the respondents in this matter, and all the charities and solidarity organisations which have worked with them to bring about this result.

The fight for the rights of refugees and displaced people now goes on to its next stage. The Prime Minister has made it clear that he intends to seek other means to erode these rights and we can fully expect opponents of refugee and migrant rights to renew their efforts making full use of the right-wing media and pernicious far-right and racist discourses.

The unity that has been forged between human rights lawyers, migrant and refugee solidarity organisations and the wider segment of progressive and liberal public opinion across the country, will need to stand firm in the months ahead.  Status Now 4 All believes that vigorous campaigning will be needed across the country if the victory in the Supreme Court is to be consolidated and respect for the human rights of everyone in need of protection becomes the basis for refugee policy into the future. 

Status Now 4 All calls for liberation of all people in the UK and Ireland regardless of where they come from. Regularising status for all people that need it is a step towards achieving basic human rights for all.

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