Status Now leaflet: On COP 26

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6 November 2021: Status Now leaflet: On COP 26

Solutions to this global crisis must move beyond man-made political borders.

The climate and biodiversity catastrophe that continues to compel the movements of people across these borders around the world can only stop when, in their turn, the UK Government and other Western states become compelled to abandon the drive for profit which underpins their wars and their immigration and public health policies. 

The Status Now Network (SNN) is comprised of people who, being without secure status, are among the most vulnerable, marginalised, and disempowered in our society, alongside indigenous people.  It includes many who have been forced, directly or indirectly, to flee to the Global North because of the ecological impact of climate change and bio-diversity destruction in their homelands. 

Through the pandemic, we have understood that essential changes must take place to create an alternative reality to that of the racism, hyper-nationalism and border securitisation we have seen during the pandemic, through under-resourced national lockdowns, heightened migration surveillance, the withholding of vaccine patents and unequal vaccine roll-outs.

Both intimate cooperation between governments to find solutions and a fundamental reconfiguration of the power and place of nation-states are necessary.  We are part of the solution.

You are very welcome to join us and grow our network between groups, organisations, individuals

The Status Now Network (SNN) does not use the word ‘amnesty’ – because of its implication of wrongdoing – but supports all actions to raise awareness about routes to regularisation.

The Status Now Network (SNN) calls for Indefinite Leave to Remain for all undocumented migrants and those in the legal process living in Britain and Ireland today. 

Download the StatusNow leaflet here:0511-COP-26-Leaflet-for-use-on-any-demos-etc-this-weekend

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