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On the 19th of July, Status Now Network joined the Voice of Immigrants UK for a peaceful demonstration outside 10 Downing Street to call for the regularisation of all undocumented migrants living in the UK. The demonstration coincided with the debate inside Parliament on the petition signed by 103, 440. In solidarity with the Voice of Immigrants UK, Status Now Network parallel demonstrations in Manchester and Coventry. You can watch the simultaneous rallies on our Facebook page here.

Read more about the 19th of July demonstrations from Regularise here.

We are winning: we will render the hostile environment friendly, and we ask you to continue supporting our actions until we achieve our goal: Indefinite Leave to Remain for all undocumented migrants and those in the legal process. 

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SNN Project: A People’s Tribunal to expose injustice against migrant and refugee people!

At its summit event earlier this year the Status Now Network agreed to organise a People’s Tribunal to interrogate the reasons why immigration law and policy has turned do decisively against any concept of migrant and refugee rights in recent decades.

People’s Tribunals have been used many times over the years to investigate the human rights abuses of governments and states.  They have played a powerful role in mobilising public opinion against such outrages as the US war in Vietnam, the crimes of the military dictatorships in Latin America, and the plight of indigenous people being robbed of their ways of life across the world.

Can we use what has proved in the past to be such an effective tool to create awareness of injustice and to inspire people to take action in the case of migrant and refugee people in the UK, who have been subjected to hostile environment policies?

Status Now Network has set up a working group to look into the practicalities of organising a People’s Tribunal that would look into these issues.  To be viable as a project it would need to draw on the knowledge and experiences that are present in migrant and refugee communities across the UK, and in particular, get the support of their representative organisations to help provide the evidence of injustice.

The PT working group is keen to hear from you and find out how we can involve you in building this project.  If you would like to hear more about the work we are planning please send an email with ‘People’s Tribunal’ in the subject line to and we will get back to you! 
 Updated 11 August 2021: Watch the recorded live broadcast of Status Network mass action in Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne against Home Office mass deportations. 

Status Now Network monitors the deportation schedules of the Home Office through the reports from our partner organisations and signatories. Save this link your browser for the regular updates and actions. 
Shoulder to Shoulder – Everywhere – Until Deportations Stop
and Statusnow4all Starts”This Network stands shoulder to shoulder with all those committed to ending the Home Office’s plans to deport anyone, to any country.”  Read full Status Now Network Statement here.
StatusNow4All network members picked up intelligence about people being summarily snatched when reporting or at home – you will find below a series of updates since then.

Updated 5 August 2021ZHRO: We will be starting our Wednesday Vigils on the 4th of August 2021 and then every Wednesday thereafter. Come and join us as we demonstrate against the Gross human rights abuses faced by many in #Zimbabwe From political persecution to a Healthcare System on its knees. Read full story here.
We rounded up our networks and partners around the country to list all the activities and mass actions to stop all mass deportations. Save this link on your browser for real-time updates on schedules. Updated 16 August 2021ZHRO: will start its FIFTH “Walk for Freedom” on Saturday 21st August 2021 with a starting time of 6:30 AM [Yes AM] as the full Walk for Freedom is 105 km!!

@BARACUK @mdczimbabwe @ROHRZimbabweorg @Statusnow4all @infoGACukFollow @BARACUK @mdczimbabwe @ROHRZimbabweorg @Statusnow4all @infoGACuk for more on how you can help amplify the call to #enddeportations

We will collate reports of the Nationality & Borders Bill which has come out of the recent ‘New Plan for Immigration’; and reports related to Home Office practice. Follow this from our website: blog. Also, read this article from one of our signatories on the plight of asylum seekers living in the UK: Jesuit Refugee Service ‘My life is frozen’ – life in limbo for people seeking asylum
Please have a look at the website and send us your stories if we have missed them. The website is one of our outfacing sources of information, alongside Facebook and Twitter. Amongst other information you will find new and updated posts, our statements and related Early Day Motions, the Faith Calling Card,  information for local councils, Trades Unions and political organisations.
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