Status, Safety and Solidarity Now For All

A practical statement from Status Now Network

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The Status Now Network welcomes all demonstrations in solidarity with migrants and people seeking asylum currently living in hotels or elsewhere,and who are being targeted by fascist, racist and anti-migrant groups. It is vital to act and organise in solidarity with migrants and people seeking asylum in order to expose, effectively challenge and stop the threatening and oppressive behaviours of those that seek to demonise and scapegoat them for everything that is going wrong in the UK today.

The Status Now Network encourages all residents and organisations in the UK to take a twin track approach, where they:

1. register complaints with the relevant authorities as appropriate AND

2. organise acts of solidarity and form local committees that involve people seeking asylum and migrants in securing safety wherever they are and according to their needs.

We understand that not everyone is able to participate in some actions, particularly ones that require a physical presence, or where they are concerned about personal safety or the safety of their families for various reasons like threats from immigration enforcement or policing. We also understand that some people may not be able to attend due to mental health issues or physical disabilities. We acknowledge and respect people’s concerns around these issues and the choices they make to manage their own risk for themselves and their loved ones. We also respect and acknowledge that organisers are doing their best to encourage everyone to protest safely. We are aware, for example, of demonstrations where organisers have brought masks and hand sanitizer, trying to look after each other: that’s what all this is for.

Different members of the network and groups that are connected with the network protest and organise in different ways – for us it’s all moving towards the realisation of StatusNow4All.

For those who are not able to participate in person, we ask that you participate in all democratic processes available to you: write to your MP,put a motion to your trade union, or ask your community group to condemn the actions and express solidarity with the people being targeted. There are numerous ways to offer support that can make a difference.

Please let us know about any such mobilisations so that we can share the information and act in solidarity with you. email

Thank you