UK Covid-19 Inquiry: Share your experience

21 November 2022: From the UK Covid-19 Inquiry: Share your experience

We are inviting you to tell us about your experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. By taking part, you help us to understand the effect of Covid-19, the response of the authorities, and any lessons that can be learned.

‘Share your experience’ is an online form that asks you to choose from a list of topics and then tell us about what happened. We’ll also ask you some questions about yourself and your circumstances. These questions are optional, but very helpful if answered, as they help us to build a full picture of how Covid-19 affected people with different characteristics and circumstances across the UK.

We’re working to improve this service. After sharing your experience you can send us feedback that will help shape what we build for the next version.

At this time you must be aged 18 or over to share your experience. Your answers will be saved anonymously.

Share your experience

Help is available if you need it

Sharing your experience may trigger some difficult feelings and emotions. If you need help please see a list of support services.

If you share information that an adult or child is at risk of harm we may need to tell the police and other relevant authorities.

Ask for a different format

If you need this form in another format, please tell us what you need:

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