Campaign against the multinational Mitie recruitment of workers in the new women-only detention facility, Hassockfield

Status Now welcomes and supports this campaign :

Dear friends,

Abolish Detention, which is campaigning to prevent the opening of a detention centre in Hassockfield/Medomsley, is asking for support for a campaign against the multinational Mitie which is running adverts to recruit people to run its new women only detention prison near Durham. Mitie was condemned by the prison inspectorate in 2016 which said its immigration detention centres were “dirty”, “rundown” and “insanitary. It is one of  the UK’s biggest detention profiteers: it runs the two Heathrow detention centres and has a £525 million deportation “escorting” contract with an annual turnover of £2.2billion.

Please join the campaign and take action – see below for what you can do – thank you.

Global Women Against Deportations

QUICK AND EASY ACTION: Give your feedback on the company subcontracted to run Durham immigration prison!

Mitie are advertising a range of jobs at the planned immigration detention centre in Durham.

This is an important opportunity to give feedback on Mitie. You can report an advert, for example, if the employer is discriminatory or the description is inaccurate.

Maybe you think Mitie employees’ abuse and imprisonment of people based on their nationality is “discriminatory” or that their description of applicants as “passionate about delivering a great service in a sensitive manner” is inaccurate.  Is “relating to people that may be agitated or confused by their circumstances” a good description for the job of forcibly deporting someone to a country they’re scared to go to? 

How to take part

On the website, click on one of the Mitie jobs and then scroll down to the bottom of the advert. Click on the flag at the bottom where it says “Report Job”

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