Why do we call for StatusNow4All: In the Spotlight: African Global Voices

7 June 2021: Why do we call for StatusNow4All/Indefinite Leave to Remain: African Global Voices

I am NdabaVictor, of African Global Voices,

We at African Global Voices – UK advocate for people who have  been subjected to injustices in the criminal system.

We are a small grassroots not-for-profit hands-on-the-ground organisation of people who have lived experience of being in the asylum system, and we are based in Liverpool. Our members are all over the UK due to the policies of the Home Office’s long-standing hostile environment, which is built on systematic racial prejudice and discriminatory ideology. 

Our members have multiple problems due to their situations, many have no settled status, others had Refugee Leave taken from them, many have been victims of torture and some have significant medical conditions. We offer them Peer Support Mentoring,  and also refer on to agencies that can help them.  In addition we visit refugees and people seeking asylum who are in detention centres and prisons.

It is of concern that many people seeking asylum and refugees have been forced to sign Non-Disclosure ‘Agreements’ – NDA by the Home Office, after winning their cases, including those who were sent to detention centres and prisons for crimes they did not commit.

We are partners of StatusNow4All https://statusnow4all.org  and One Strong Voice https://twitter.com/1strongvoice

Stay Blessed always.


Contact us: afriglobalvoices@gmail.com