Ireland: MASI welcomes the decision by the minister to offer once in a generation Amnesty for 17000 undocumented migrants

Updated 31 January 2022: Migrant Rights Centre Ireland@MigrantRightsIr

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What a historic day!

The Regularisation Scheme for Undocumented people is open for applications!


Today is truly the victory of the Justice for the Undocumented campaign group and all the brave undocumented people who came forward and fought for justice! #undocIrl

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Independent: Mother-of-two looks forward to reuniting with children after 14 years apart

Irene Jagoba is one of thousands of undocumented migrants who can now apply to regularise their status.

An undocumented worker in Ireland has spoken of her joy at being reunited with her children after 14 years, following the opening of a Government-backed scheme.

Irene Jagoba, a mother-of-two, is one of thousands of undocumented migrants who can now apply to regularise their status.

The scheme means long-term undocumented people can have official access to the workforce.

Described as a “once in a generation” scheme, it is expected to benefit up to 17,000 people, including 3,000 children.

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Updated 3 December 2021: Lucky Kambule from StatusNow4All signatory organisation MASI – Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland:

Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland – MASI welcome the announcement by the Minister for Justice in Ireland, Minister Helen McEntee to regularise 17000 people including 3000 children.

MASI also welcomes inclusion of the people who seek international protection (Asylum Seekers) and have been in the system for two years and more. The inclusion of the people under threat of deportation also shows the inclusive approach being taken by the Minister, to include as many people as she possibly can.

It is comforting to see that the report by Catherine Day (see below) has informed some of these decisions.

The mood has suddenly changed for many people who have been stuck in direct provision for so long.  Everyone is happy and sees this as an early Christmas present .”

RTE: Government scheme to regularise thousands of undocumented migrants

The Government has approved a scheme to regularise thousands of undocumented migrants and their families who are living in Ireland.

The Department of Justice said it will enable eligible applicants to remain and reside in the State and regularise their residency status.

Where specific criteria is met, long-term undocumented migrants and their eligible dependents will benefit.

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You can read the Government’s statement about the scheme here: Minister McEntee announces new landmark scheme to regularise long-term undocumented migrants

People who are eligible under the scheme will:

  • have a period of 4 years residence in the State without an immigration permission, or 3 years in the case of those with children on the date the Scheme opens for applications
  • be granted an immigration permission that allows for unrestricted access to the labour market
  • have years of residence with that permission reckonable for the purposes of pursuing citizenship by way of naturalisation

Those with an existing Deportation Order can apply, if they meet the minimum undocumented residence requirement.

Applicants must meet standards regarding good character and criminal record/behaviour and not pose a threat to the State.

Having convictions for minor offences will not, of itself, result in disqualification.

People with expired student permissions will also be able to apply.

The full press release is here:

You can read the report by Catherine Day  (former Secretary General of the European Commission – mentioned above), and her team here: Report of the Advisory Group on the Provision of Support including Accommodation to Persons in the International Protection Process

Minister McEntee and Minister O’Gorman publish the report by the Advisory Group on Direct Provision and announce a reduction in the waiting period for international protection applicants to access work.

The full report is available here:

12 September 2021: Lucky Khambule from StatusNow4All signatory organisation MASI – Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland:

“MASI welcomes the decision by the minister to offer once in a generation Amnesty for 17000 undocumented migrants. This comes a relief to many people mostly health care workers who have contributed immensely in this country under precarious conditions, mostly living under the cloud of deportations.

However MASI hoped that the would be extended to those who also have spend more than five years in this country with their applications still in the limbo.

We congratulate the work done by MRCI and JFU Justice for the Undocumented for this achievement.

Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland is also a signatory of StatusNow4All

22 August 2021: Independent: Undocumented migrants in Ireland offered ‘once in a generation’ amnesty

Junior minister James Browne says the move will help vulnerable women working in prostitution

Women being exploited in the sex industry are among 17,000 undocumented migrants who will have the opportunity to regularise their legal status in Ireland under a “once in a generation” amnesty.

Junior minister with responsibility for law reform James Browne is introducing the widescale amnesty, which he said could also potentially affect any Afghan nationals already living here who are undocumented.

The scheme to regularise the status of undocumented migrants who have been living in Ireland for at least four years, or three years in the case of those with children, is being brought to Cabinet next month.

In November a portal will be opened for the up to 17,000 eligible undocumented migrants living in Ireland to apply for legal status. It will remain open for six months. The scheme will give migrants unrestricted access to the labour market, and allow them to apply for citizenship later.

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