We Will Not Be Silenced – a poem by Loraine Masiya Mponela

We will not be silenced By Loraine Masiya Mponela

As we navigate a system

That is created not to care for people

A system built on racism and greed

We are told: you need to behave

Do not speak up it will affect your case

As we wait for decisions for years

A decade of anxious anticipation

Without stability and certainty of the indefinite leave to remain

We are stuck in sexual abuses and rape

Waiting to be exploited for a £ in sweatshops

As we are denied the right to work

Our skills are wasted 

Our education made obsolete

We lose income, pension and savings

Food banks have become our way of survival 

As we are forced into destitution by the state

Heavily affecting our mental health

Depression: breaks us down

Breaks our hearts

Breaks our lives

In the pandemic

Like sardines

We are packed: in graveyards

And in run down barracks and hotels

For shelter

As silence does not make us safer

We are creating space now for ourselves

Where we look after each other

A Safe space: where we have a voice, we are understood

Where we express ourselves unapologetically 

As decisions are being made for us

We are learning how to make decisions together

Connecting with ourselves

Because: we know what works

We know what doesn’t work and why 

Though detained, dehumanised and destroyed

Ostracised, caricatured and marginalised

Just as those of all kinds whose rights are denied

We emphatically say to you state racism

We will not be silenced

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